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Posted By Sophia Ele

Pump clips are, I have been told, a big deal for some collectors. Whilst it seems to be a niche market, I think it’s a great hobby to have on the way to discovering more about beer and its history. This I have especially learnt recently, whilst reading up about the awful fear, inequality and sexism some faced in the brewing industry: history of some pump clips are distasteful to say the least, but I still believe, especially as a young woman myself, it’s important to be aware of history such as this.

But thankfully, there’s also some great stories and history behind pump clips and names, as I’ve learnt just today in my newbie beer learning journey.

 We have a range of collector’s pump clips available, which feature our past and present lines of beer (and maybe future too – who knows?) that tell a great story of its initiation. For instance, one of my favourites would be ‘Longboarder’ an Australian Pale Ale, whose name refers to a surfboarding technique also referring to Australia who is of course big on their surfing.

For those of you who happen to live locally, we also have a pump clip available of ‘Walthamstow Beer’ – beer brewed through a community effort of hop-growing and picking, part of the Walthamstow Beer Hop project.  It has been a huge success in previous years and is an event that many local residents and the community enjoys – especially when they are able to taste their own creation at Walthamstow’s Ye Old Rose & Crown.

With Father’s Day approaching, and no shortage of beer coming up now that the Euro 2020/2021 football is ACTUALLY happening, now is a great time to discover new beers (and history), drink and shop locally, and maybe send, or receive for yourself, the gift of a collectable pump clip.

The ‘Walthamstow Beer’ pump clips, and other variations, are available in both the green hopped and dark ale variety (see pictures below) through our website, and are sold in a pack of 5.

And don't forget, we also are doing a 10% discount on our website for Father's Day. The code, FATHER, runs from 11th June to 21st June. 



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