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We’re now nearing Father’s Day on June 20th, and fingers crossed we can celebrate both this day as well as the couple weeks ahead in good spirits – as the Euros 2021 are coming along!

As many of us know, fathers, beer and football go together like 3 peas in a pod, (which is slightly sexist on my part, especially considering I have a father who neither likes beer OR football :o ). And with weather as good as this, I can’t think of a better time to celebrate and commemorate the upcoming days with some beer!

As a newbie (ish) here at ELB, with the help of others, we’ve come up with a special Father’s Day discount for the lovers of beer in your household. It’s exciting to help put together a ‘miniature’ sales and marketing campaign for the brew here, especially as this is the first time I’ve helped put together something like this.

It's been a lot of fun with the team, figuring out what to do – or in my case as a newbie, what NOT to do – and how best to ‘market’ the fact that it’s a triple wammy - Father’s Day, the Euros AND weather which is actually half-way decent.

With that being said, we understand that over the next couple of weeks you might feel the need to throw your beer in the air out of sheer jubilation. Whilst we hope England will play well to warrant this behaviour, our beer is best enjoyed by drinking :D

To commemorate Father’s Day, we are providing a discount of 10% off everything - because you can’t go wrong with a box of beer.

The code, FATHER, runs from Friday 11th June to Monday 21st June.

We also do t-shirts and hoodies branded with our logo in white – that can also make the perfect replacement if your father is like mine, and isn’t much of a drinker.

We also have pint glasses available if you’re looking to add in a little extra for your gift (or your own treat?).


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