Family brewing in East London


Welcome to the East London Brewing Company.

There’s something inherently gratifying about making beer that appeals to us on a basic level. Maybe it’s to do with the simplicity of the ingredients – water, grain, yeast, hops; maybe the immediacy of the activity and the knowledge that most of what we produce is for our local community; or maybe it’s simply the comfort of being part of a long British tradition.

The East London Brewing Company award-winning ales for cask, keg, bottle and can. We distribute all over London to pubs, bars, restaurants, theatres and off-licenses. You can also now find our beer further afield via our wholesale and export partnerships. Click on the ‘Try Us’ tab above to find your nearest outlet or drop us a line if you’re a trade customer looking to stock us. Alternatively, you’d be welcome to come and buy direct from the brewery or from our online shop.

About us

We are a husband and wife team who, fed up with just talking about it, decided to realise our dream of brewing high-quality, traditional British beers.

Our 10-barrel plant in E10 is the result of a great deal of thought and a fair whack of hard graft. We started thinking about it all seriously as we were expecting our second child; Stu was increasingly disenchanted after 20 years as an industrial chemist and Claire was contemplating several months of maternity leave. There’s nothing like the sleep-deprived insanity of a new baby to warp one’s better judgement and by February 2011, we had made the leap, had no jobs between us, a two-year old, a four-month old and – as if that weren’t enough – an embryonic micro-brewery.

Now a few years on, the brewery’s expanded, we have a team of wonderful employees and brew a range of seven regular ales, complemented by seasonal specials (see our blog for what we’re currently brewing). Whether your tastes are best served by our lightest beer, ELB Pale Ale; our dark, comforting Quadrant Oatmeal Stout, or any of our beers in between, we hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Quitting the day job is never easy, but we’re ever-more convinced that it’s worth it.

Take a look around

"As Lascelles’ hoppy pale ale settles in the glass, I watch the rain smattering against the windows. The beer is as wonderful as the setting..."

Michael Hodges,

"Jamboree Ale comes from the East London Brewery in Leyton just down a shot on the dastardly, daren't-traverse-it-on-a-dark night, Lea Bridge Road and they're producing sensational beer."

The American Londoner

"... Quadrant Stout: my lord keep the prospectors away, we're drinking black gold..."

Duke of Wellington, N1

On the Brewing Process

Malted grain + hot water = fermentable sugars in water (called wort)
Sterilise, remove some proteins, add hops for flavour/bittering.
Add yeast to convert sugar to alcohol.
Into Cask & Bottles
Flavours develop and beer clears.