Guest blog from Abi @ East London Waterworks Park

Posted By Claire Ashbridge-Thomlinson

Cooling Down           As I write, it’s warm; very warm. East London is experiencing a heat wave. It may be over by the time you read this but, if it is, perhaps you can cast your mind back to those days in July 2022 when some were reveling in the sunshine and others were melting. I am somewhere in between: the sunshine makes me happy but my mind and body feels like they’re overheating. I want…What do I want? I want two things. I want a beer. A cold, cold beer. I want to glug it down...

Guest Blog: The Language of Beer

Posted By Claire Ashbridge-Thomlinson

Since our inception in 2011, we've had the privilege to collaborate with some truly amazing and unique people whose inspiring work has contributed to making East London so special.  We'd like to use this section of our website to introduce you to some them and wholeheartedly suggest that you investigate them further.  Our first guest piece is from The Gentle Author, who in August 2009 made a pledge to write everyday about an aspect of East London life. In this pledge, he states that he does not believe that ''...there will be any shortage of material, though it may be difficult to choose...

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