Our Ethos

We do our very best to minimise our carbon footprint and work ethically, with sustainability and support for our local community always in mind:

The spent grain from our brewing process goes to a biodigester and is used either to make electricity or goes to the gas grid. We only buy green electricity and use low energy lighting in our warehouses.  We recycle all our cardboard, paper, aluminium and food waste. Nearly all our plastic is also recycled. Our entire beer range is vegan. Our tea, coffee other catering supplies are bought from fairtrade suppliers. Our milk is delivered by our local milkman in reusable glass bottles. In fact, we use local companies wherever possible; this is not only better ecologically, but also for the local economy and independent businesses. We are also highly invested in our local community, with initiatives such as the Walthamstow Hop Project and our recent placements for 2 local Kickstarters. We pay London Living Wage as a minimum.

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